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Note:  These numbers do not include the donations in time and materials by local contractors and supply houses.  Those are listed on each County’s page.

County/CityTOTALLargest Donation
Reno, NV$2,270$1,000
Huntington, IN$1,400$1,000
Brunswick, NC$30,176$5,000 (2)
Wilmington, NC$3,501$1,000
Stanly, NC$1,141$841
Catawba, NC$298$100
Culpeper, VA$4,000$3,000
Hamilton, IN$2,368$1,000
Halifax, NC$12,097$1,500
Caldwell, NC$1,070$300
Rutherford, NC$300$200
Polk, NC$198$100
Tripp, SD$5,734$500 (5)
Foundation Forward
No specified setting$6,970$2,000
1776 Gate Receipts$7,366