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Polk County, North Carolina

Columbus, North Carolina
Polk County

In January 2019, Foundation Forward, Inc. made a presentation to the Board of Commissioners in Polk County, NC.  The Board took the matter into consideration and voted to accept the Charters of Freedom setting. The three-part setting would consist of The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

On March 1, 2019, the official Letter of Intent was signed by our Founder, Vance Patterson and Columbus, NC Mayor, Eric McIntyre.  It was confirmed that the site for the setting would be in Veterans Park, located on Gibson Street in Columbus, NC. This location was selected by both Polk County and the Town of Columbus for its central location in the county, high visibility and foot traffic, and easy access by school children and citizens.

Town of Columbus Councilman, Robert Williamson, was established as “Champion” to act as the main point of contact between the county and Foundation Forward, Inc.  A fundraising campaign began, and a contractor was secured to build the settings. The funds raised, along with donations of labor and materials, help to offset the costs associated with the construction of this setting, which helps to “pay it forward” and help to install settings in additional counties throughout the United States.

If you would like to “Pay it Forward” and help install future Charters of Freedom settings, please click on the DONATE button above, or contact Columbus Councilman Robert Williamson.

“History on Display in Columbus” – nice article on the Charters of Freedom setting in Columbus from the Tyron Daily Bulletin. Read the article here.

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On Saturday, August 17, 2019, citizens of Polk County helped with the cleanup and readying of this Charters of Freedom site.  This was in response to a call for volunteers published in The Tryon Daily Bulletin a couple of days prior. See story.

Dedication Ceremony announcement printed in the August 11, 2019 edition of The Tryon Daily Bulletin.  The ceremony will be held at 1pm on September 17th. Read more.

Great article by Leah Justice at The Tryon Daily Bulletin detailing the progress of construction on the Polk County Charters of Freedom and announcing the sale of Legacy Pavers to the public.  Article dated July 26, 2019. Read article.

Update on Progress article by The Tryon Daily Bulletin, dated July 16, 2019. Read update.

On July 1, 2019, The Tryon Daily Bulletin published another excellent article updating readers on the progress of the Charters of Freedom setting in Polk County, NC. See Article.

“Construction for Charters of Freedom begins”, states The Tryon Daily Bulletin on May 29, 2019. Read story.

“Charters of Freedom moving quickly”; article by Leah Justice at The Tryon Daily Bulletin, dated April 21, 2019. Read full story.

This article in The Tryon Daily Bulletin, dated March 26, 2019, announces that the Letter of Intent has been signed and planning will begin for the installation of Polk County’s own Charters of Freedom setting. Read article